Your Donation Makes
a Difference

Every child deserves a happy holiday. Your donation lets children in Detroit, Highland Park, River Rouge, Hamtramck, Harper Woods and Ecorse know they’re not forgotten.

Thank you for your support of the Detroit Goodfellows and helping us make a difference to so many deserving children. 

To Donate by Mail 
P.O. Box 44444
Detroit, MI 48244-0444


Honor Someone with a Contribution
If you wish to make a contribution in memory or honor of someone, please indicate this in the “NOTES” portion of the donate form. Also, please provide an address so we can let the family know a contribution has been made in their loved one’s name. 

Please share this Goodfellows Memorial Gifts Form with others who wish to make such a contribution.

The Detroit Goodfellows is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions made to the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit are tax deductible by donors as provided by Section 170 of the Code.

All of our donations are processed securely. For more information, read our PRIVACY POLICY and STATEMENT OF OPERATION.

State of Michigan Solicitation License #MICS-149

Tax ID: 38-6061491

Your Impact

gift boxes

hand-dressed dolls

Communities Served

Shopping List

Your donation helps us purchase these items to fill gift boxes for children ages 4-13.

• 120,000 age-appropriate books
• 85,200 pairs of girls’ underwear
• 60,000 packages of candy
• 57,600 pairs of boys’ boxer briefs
• 49,200 pairs of boys’ socks
• 45,000 pairs of girls’ socks
• 30,000 pairs of sweatpants
• 30,000 sweatshirts
• 30,000 warm winter hats
• 30,000 pairs of winter gloves/mittens
• 30,000 toothbrushes
• 30,000 tubes of toothpaste
• 19,300 packages of colored pencils
• 9,700 journals
• 9,600 packages of dental floss
• 9,000 hand-dressed dolls
• 7,300 packages of 16-count crayons
• 6,600 decks of playing cards
• 6,400 chap sticks

• 6,300 mini card game sets
• 6,200 dental brushing timers
• 5,800 squish animal backpack clips
• 5,100 pull-back motorcycles
• 4,900 inflatable footballs
• 4,700 sports ball sets
• 4,700 magic trick sets
• 4,200 playdough sets
• 4,200 magic drawing boards
• 4,000 light-up puffer dogs & bears
• 3,700 mini car sets (eight cars)
• 3,300 packages of fluorescent gel pens
• 3,300 sand art kits
• 3,300 mini construction sets
• 3,200 fancy ballpoint pens
• 3,100 military block sets
• 3,000 unicorn pens
• 3,000 sparkle mosaic sets
• 2,900 dog coin purses

• 2,900 surprise dig sets
• 2,200 triangle crayon sets
• 2,100 squeeze squeaker unicorns
• 2,100 squeeze frogs & tigers
• 2,100 plush rainbow dinosaurs
• 2,100 Sesame Street flash cards
• 2,000 pairs of tennis shoes
• 1,800 bear coin purses
• 1,700 magic foil art sets
• 1,700 color & create brilliant art sets
• 1,700 foil magic art sets
• 1,600 make-your-own-ornament sets
• 1,600 shimmer sequin art sets
• 1,600 pirate activity sets
• 1,400 owl coin purses
• 1,300 princess activity sets
• 1,200 princess sticker play sets
• 1,000 dinosaur sticker play sets
• 1,000 swirl footballs

Other Ways to Give

The Detroit Goodfellows have changed the lives of so many of our recipients.
Please find the donation method that’s right for you and help us change lives today and in the future.

Stock Gifts

We gratefully accept gifts of stock. Please inform your broker that you will make a stock gift to the Detroit Goodfellows. 

In order to receive a gift acknowledgement for tax purposes for a stock gift, you must share with the Detroit Goodfellows the following information:

  • The donor’s name & mailing address
  • The name of the stock gift & amount

Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit tax ID: 38-6061491

Memorial Gifts

If you’re making a contribution in memory or honor of someone, please let us know here:

By sharing this form: goodfellowmemorialgiftsFORM2020 with family and friends who want to make a memorial contribution.

Bequests: Wills, Trusts and Life Insurance

You can designate a specific amount or a percentage. Or, you can choose the Detroit Goodfellows as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Please consult a legal professional before drafting a will. If you include the Detroit Goodfellows in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID:

Legal name: Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit

Federal tax ID: 38-6061491


Please contact our Development Office at 313-418-7011 (Mon-Friday, 9 a.m.– 4 p.m.) or email Director of Philanthropy at for more information about planned and stock gifts.